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Old 10-03-2007
Ksh script - Design ? - Search file and set variables

Hi -

I'm trying to think of a clever way to write a shell script (trying to stay w/ ksh as that's what I know the best...) that will resolve the following problem:

Problem - On a daily basis I have to email folks who are on-call to remind them. I was hoping to script this out so I could have a file w/ a pattern similiar to:

fileX -
Oct 3:jerry:mark
Oct 4:tim:stan

fileY - jerry:jerry@foo.com

My first idea is to have the script
Set a varaible for the date using something like - 'date |nawk '{print $2 &3}'
Grep fileX searching for date variable - then set variableA with the first name and variableB with the second name for that date - not sure how to do this
Then take variableA and look for a match in fileY - This will set another varialbe - variableZ
Finally, run a mailto command using varialbe Z

Take this script and add it to cron to run daily.

If it's easier, rather than using their names in the file, I can set it up w/ their email addresses - that shouldn't be too much extra work to do.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Old 10-03-2007
set -- $(grep "$(date +%b%e)" fileX)
set -- $(egrep "$2|$3" fileY)
mailx -s "You\'re oncall today $(date +%D)" "$2 $4"

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Old 10-04-2007
I may be missing something.. well.. I'm sure I'm missing something.

I tried the suggestion above and tried several combinations, but I don't seem to be capturing the variables correctly. Can you take a look and see if there is anything obvious. - Thanks

>cat dtscript.ksh

set -- $(grep "$(date +%b%e)" fileX)
set -- $(egrep "$2|$3" fileY)
echo "You are oncall today $(date +%D)" "$2 $4"
#mailx -s "You're oncall today $(date +%D)" "$2 $4"

>cat fileX

>cat fileY

You are oncall today 10/04/07
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Old 10-04-2007
Set IFS with single (not back) quotes:

zsh 4.3.4% IFS=`:
bquote> `
zsh 4.3.4% set -- $(grep "$(date +%b%e)" fileX)
zsh 4.3.4% set -- $(egrep "$2|$3" fileY)
zsh 4.3.4% echo "You are oncall today $(date +%D)" "$2 $4"
You are oncall today 10/04/07  
zsh 4.3.4% IFS=':
quote> '
zsh 4.3.4% set -- $(grep "$(date +%b%e)" fileX)
zsh 4.3.4% set -- $(egrep "$2|$3" fileY)
zsh 4.3.4% echo "You are oncall today $(date +%D)" "$2 $4"
You are oncall today 10/04/07 jerry@foo.com grep@foo.com
zsh 4.3.4%

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Old 10-04-2007
The date of the input file haven't the same format in your first and last post.
Try (not tested):
set -- $(grep "$(date +%m/%d/%y)" fileX)
set -- $(egrep "$2|$3" fileY)
mailx -s "You\'re oncall today $(date +%D)" "$2 $4"

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Old 10-04-2007
of course, Jean-Pierre is right,
the date format in the file sould match the grep command.
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Old 10-04-2007
Super Thanks!!!!

Both suggestions helped -

I change the tic from ` to ' and switched the date to the format Month day.

Looks Great

One last question -

My mailx command is not working - mailx works - but when I run the script or the mailx command alone, it seems like it's waiting for another input. For example, if I type: mailx -s "this site is great" foo@bar.com and hit enter, I get a new line return and it just sits there until I hit ctrl+D - at which point the line reads 'CC:' - hit Ctrl+D again and the message gets sent.

I looked through the manpages and a few posts on this site, but that seems like the general syntax for the mailx command.

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