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to create foder when the string matches

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting to create foder when the string matches
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Old 09-28-2007
to create foder when the string matches

hi Smilie
im actually new to shell script ,see here is the program wat it will do is .. i have to create folder at the run time when the string matches ... what to do is im havin text file which carry the file name like ( EngCVer1pg1j01.TOP, EngCVer1pg1m08.TOP, EngCVer1pg1h04,..and EngCVer1pg2j01.TOP, EngCVer1pg2e05.TOP ... an some pg3 like tat .) .. but wat i hav to do is , i have to create seprate folder for each EngCVer1pg1 files seprately for each pg1 files .. and in tat created folder i hav to copy the pg2 files each one files accordingly ...

thank you Smilie HAS

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Old 09-28-2007

if test "$STRING" = "$MATCHES"; then mkdir foder; fi

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