Help in outputting the result in log files

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Old 09-27-2007
awk '{rec=$0;gsub(/"/,"",$1);print rec>("ss"$1".sh")}' FS="," filename

1. rec=$0 - save the current record, before modifying it with gsub (global substitution).

2. gsub(/"/,"",$1) - modify the first field ($1), remove the quotes: "40" becomes 40 and so on.

3. Print the previously saved record in a file named ss $1(from the modified current record, 40, not "40") .sh (you have to quote the literal strings - "ss" and ".sh".

4. FS is Field Separator(,).
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Old 09-27-2007
# awk -F"\"" '{print $0>"ss"$2".sh"}' "file"
# more ss4*sh
"40","1G1AL55 ",30482,9000
"40","1G1ZT58 ",29098,10600
"40","1G1AL15 ",29222,9400
"46","1G6KD57 ",3083,28400
"46","1G6KD57 ",27909,25200
"49","1G1ZU57 ",16391,13900
"49","1G2ZG58 ",28856,1240

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Old 09-27-2007
Good catch ghostdog74 Smilie

I would go with:
awk  -F'"' '{print>"ss"$2".sh"}' file

But you still will need parenthesis for some awk implementations.
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Old 09-27-2007
I mean:
$ nawk -F'"'  '{print>"ss"$2".sh"}' file
nawk: syntax error at source line 1
 context is
         >>> {print>"ss"$2 <<< ".sh"}
nawk: illegal statement at source line 1
$ nawk -F'"' '{print>("ss"$2".sh")}' file

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Old 09-27-2007
awk -F"\"" '{print $0>"ss"$2".sh"}' "file"

Why you have added "\"" in your code?
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Old 09-27-2007
Why we are using $2 for file name.Actually it is the first field.Then how it is taking?
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Old 09-27-2007
radoulov, you have missed "$0" after print, i.e print $0 > ......
and dave_nithis, '\' character is used to override the behavior of shell's meta character like double quotes. The character followed by '\' inside the double quotes will be taken as the character itself.

And awk -F"\"" is equal to awk -F'"' is equal to awk 'BEGIN{FS="\""}' is equal to awk '....' FS="\""

But I have a doubt here, how your script checks whether 40 should go to the "", 46 to the "" and so on. And also the redirection operator is in "overwrite mode", so each time it would clear the file and injects the record afresh, so how here the records are appended correctly? Please correct me, if I am wrong.
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