Repeating "vi" ex-editor 'command mode' commands

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Old 09-25-2007
Repeating "vi" ex-editor 'command mode' commands


How to repeat the command which we typed and executed inside the "vi" editor 'command mode' (will be get by pressing "ESC" and ":" keys), since it cannot be repeated using the "." key?

Because I'm typing the lengthy command at the command mode and do not know the way to repeat it often. Your help is appreciated.
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vtysh [ -b ] vtysh [ -E ] [ -d daemon ] ] [ -c command ] DESCRIPTION
vtysh is a integrated shell for Quagga routing engine. OPTIONS
Options available for the vtysh command: -b, --boot Execute boot startup configuration. It makes sense only if integrated config file is in use (not default in Quagga). See Info file Quagga for more info. -c, --command command Specify command to be executed under batch mode. It behaves like -c option in any other shell - command is executed and vtysh exits. It's useful for gathering info from Quagga routing software or reconfiguring daemons from inside shell scripts, etc. Note that mul- tiple commands may be executed by using more than one -c option and/or embedding linefeed characters inside the command string. -d, --daemon daemon_name Specify which daemon to connect to. By default, vtysh attempts to connect to all Quagga daemons running on the system. With this flag, one can specify a single daemon to connect to instead. For example, specifying '-d ospfd' will connect only to ospfd. This can be particularly useful inside scripts with -c where the command is targeted for a single daemon. -e, --execute command Alias for -c. It's here only for compatibility with Zebra routing software and older Quagga versions. This will be removed in future. -E, --echo When the -c option is being used, this flag will cause the standard vtysh prompt and command to be echoed prior to displaying the results. This is particularly useful to separate the results when executing multiple commands. -h, --help Display a usage message on standard output and exit. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
VTYSH_PAGER This should be the name of the pager to use. Default is more. FILES
/usr/local/etc/vtysh.conf The default location of the vtysh config file. /usr/local/etc/Quagga.conf The default location of the integrated Quagga routing engine config file if integrated config file is in use (not default). WARNING
This man page is intended to be a quick reference for command line options. The definitive document is the Info file Quagga. SEE ALSO
bgpd(8), ripd(8), ripngd(8), ospfd(8), ospf6d(8), isisd(8), zebra(8) BUGS
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