Extracting a string from one file and searching the same string in other files

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Extracting a string from one file and searching the same string in other files


Need to extract a string from one file and search the same in other files.
I have file1 of hundred lines with no delimiters not even space.
I have 3 more files.
I should get 1 to 10 characters say substring from each line of file1 and search that string in rest of the files and get the lines containing that string.

please help me how to do this using awk or sed in unix.

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Hammer & Screwdriver Try This one

Let say you have file1 without delimeter and you want first 10 char as pattern to search in another files.

cut -c1-10 file1 >pattern.txt
for pattern in `cat pattern.txt`
find $pattern file_name1 file_name2
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