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problem with variables

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Old 12-20-2001
Error problem with variables

hi all ,

i wanted to know if someone knows how can i use
a variable inside another variable


foreach test(1 2 3)
set sta_$test = "2"

##now its the problem i want to echo the new var
#$sta_$test , each time with anothe num ($test = 1 , 2 etc...)

echo $sta_$test

does anyone has an idea ??

thanks a lot

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Old 12-21-2001
The way you do this in the bourne, korn, bash family is via the "eval" command. I see on my man page for csh that csh has the eval command and it says "(Same behavior as sh(1).)". So I guess this may work. I'll let you test it. But try:

eval set sta_$test = "2"

eval echo \$sta_$test
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Old 12-23-2001
i think it works !!


i think it works !!!

thanks a lot !!!!!!!! :-)


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