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Old 12-11-2001
Data Porting Scripts.

Hi all,

Figured this would be a good a place (well more apropriate) to ask this ... What considerations are necesary to port a script from one system to another?

The below link is a script that I'm currently working on at work. The work system is a SCO box and I'm slowly becoming familar with the OS. At home I've just installed Mandrake 8.0 and having trouble trying to run the script.

Any suggestions?

Script name: monthly_sar

Thanks in advance. Smilie

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Forgot to mention:
Having to type ". ./monthly_sar au" just to get any feedback.

Again thanks for any help. Smilie

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Old 12-11-2001
Well, what feedback are you getting when you source (. ./script_name) your script? You may have to chmod +x your script also, to get it to execute, then maybe even type ./script_name (only one "."), depencing on your PATH.

Also, do you have the sar command installed? Are the pathnames on your local workstation the exact same as the original system? If you're still having trouble, add the command:
set +x
right under the first line (#!/bin/bash). It will tell you what's going on, step by excruciating step...

Post back any more output / details, and I'm sure one of us can figure this out...

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