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Old 11-30-2001
Network can you switch

i am try to run following script in c-shell, using switch command.
while [ $choice -ne 9 ]
echo "system monitor"
echo "
1) system paging
2) system file inf.
3) system disk inf.
9) exit
echo "select an option: \c"
read choice
case $choice in
1) sar -p;;
2) sar -u;;
3) diskusage -p;;
9) ;;
*) echo 'Invalid choice'
sleep 1;;
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Old 12-01-2001
Personally, I would stay away from csh but...

In csh, the "switch" is used...

switch (string)
case str1:

In your script:

read choice
switch ($choice)
case 1:
sar -p
case 2:
sar -u
case 3:
diskusage -p
case 9:
echo 'Invalid choice'

The numbers in the case lines may have to be
strings like: case "1":
Since I haven't use csh in many years, I don't
recall exactly.
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Old 12-03-2001
Question csh switch

hi ,
this is neer45. I try to run csh switch script. but i get syntex error :-
sunserver% sh monitor
system monitor

1) system paging
2) system file inf.
3) system disk inf.
4) current operating system.
5) print report

select an option
monitor: syntax error at line 12: `switch' unexpected
thank you for your help
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Old 12-05-2001
First make the script executable...

chmod 755 monitor

...then change the line...

read choice

set choice = $<

...sorry I did not pick this up before.
It has been many years since I've used csh.
Do NOT use "sh monitor" to execute. Just
type the script's name.
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