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Old 11-22-2001
sql error code trapping


sqlplus -s system/manager < |grep '^ORA' |uniq
select * from kk;
set echo on
show spool on


save test.sh

sh test.sh


ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

i would like to trap the error in a variable like x and then do echo
$x any ideas how this could be done

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Old 11-23-2001
Your code on the sqlplus line got zapped. Happens to me too when my posting contains a less-than sign. In the following sample code, I will show less-than-sign as X to avoid getting zapped like yours did.

In solution 1, sqlplus sends its output to both the spooled file and stdout, which is piped into the grep. (When I spool, I prefer to set termout off to suppress stdout, then I follow sqlplus with a grep of the spooled file.) Anyway, we capture the output of this (the ORA- lines) into the variable x.

x=`sqlplus -s scott/tiger XX EOF | grep '^ORA-'
spool myreport
select * from kk

echo $x

This could capture multiple lines since many times a single error results in multiple ORA- errors being displayed. If you want to capture just the first word of each line, then add the cut:

x=`sqlplus -s scott/tiger XX EOF | grep '^ORA-' | cut -d: -f1
select * from kk

echo error codes: $x

Output from above would be like:

error codes: ORA-00001 ORA-00002

These solutions make use of nesting one unix command within another by using backquotes, such as:

echo "My current directory is `pwd`"

If you are just trying to detect and react to critical errors, your sqlplus code can start with:

whenever sqlerror exit failure

and after exiting sqlplus, check status of $?.
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Old 11-26-2001

When i try to excute the script i get the following

sqlplus -s scott/tiger
XX EOF |grep [O]RA | uniq|cut -f1 -d : select Mail creF

my oracle database is up and running .i connect as scott tiger

it is obvious here to me that i am unanle to capture the error code into variable x am i right ?


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Old 11-26-2001
I cannot see your entire script, nor the error or results you are getting, so I cannot comment on that. I would suggest running my script as is, and see what you get, then go from there.

But in your last post, I still see my XX. You need to change the XX to two less-than signs "<<".
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