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Search in a file and convert in a table

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Old 08-14-2019
Search in a file and convert in a table

Hi to all,

I have a file like that in attach, I need to create a table or csv with only this field:
"Barcode","Device Name", "ACSL".

I tried with grep with -B options but the number of lines are different for any block is different, there is a method with sed or awk to extract it.

Thanks a lot

Best Regards

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Old 08-14-2019
Can you post expected output?
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Old 08-14-2019
awk -v columns="Barcode,Device Name,ACSL" '
  c=split(columns, headers, ",");
  for (i=1; i<=c; i++) labels[headers[i]]=headers[i];
 for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) {
    sub("=.*", "", key);
    if (key in labels) {
       sub("=.*", "", key);
       sub(key "=", "", value);
       data[NR, key]=value;
 print columns;
 for (i=1; i<=NR; i++) {
    for (j=1; j<=c; j++) {
       line=line data[i, headers[j]] ",";
    sub(",$", "", line);
    if (line ~ /..*,..*,..*/) print line;
' FS="\n" RS="\n\n" file2.txt > file2.csv

# note: ex. excludes empty field lines

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