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Syntax for sudoers file for mv command

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Old 08-15-2019
We also use logrotate, and this runs as a privileged user (for example root), as it does on most Linux systems I am currently using.

In other words, we do not use sudo to run logrotate because root kick off this process when it runs (I assume, but have not really looked deeply into it), and so it had permissions to chmod, chown, etc. on the archived log files.

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apache(1M)                                                System Administration Commands                                                apache(1M)

apache - Apache hypertext transfer protocol server overview DESCRIPTION
apache consists of a main server daemon, loadable server modules, some additional support utilities, configuration files, and documenta- tion. FILES
The apache HTTPD server is integrated with Solaris. The following files specify the installation locations for apache: /etc/apache Contains server configuration files. A newly-installed server must be manually configured before use. Typically this involves copying httpd.conf-example to the httpd.conf file and making local configuration adjustments. /usr/apache/bin Contains the httpd executable as well as other utility programs. /usr/apache/htdocs Contains the Apache manual in HTML format. This documentation is accessible by way of a link on the server test page that gets installed upon fresh installation. /usr/apache/include Contains the Apache header files, which are needed for building various optional server extensions with apxs(8) /usr/apache/jserv Contains documention for the mod_jserv java servlet module. Documention can be read with a web browser using the url: file:/usr/apache/jserv/docs/index.html /usr/apache/libexec Contains loadable modules (DSOs) supplied with the server. Any modules which are added using apxs(8)are also copied into this directory. /usr/apache/man Contains man pages for the server, utility programs, and mod_perl. Add this directory to your MANPATH to read the Apache man pages. See NOTES. /usr/apache/perl5 Contains the modules and library files used by the mod_perl extension to Apache. /var/apache/cgi-bin Default location for the CGI scripts. This can be changed by altering the httpd.conf file and restarting the server. /var/apache/htdocs Default document root. This can be changed by altering the httpd.conf file and restarting the server. /var/apache/icons Icons used by the server. This normally shouldn't need to be changed. /var/apache/logs Contains server log files. The formats, names, and locations of the files in this directory can be altered by various configuration directives in the httpd.conf file. /var/apache/proxy Directory used to cache pages if the caching feature of mod_proxy is enabled in the httpd.conf file. The location of the cache can also be changed by changing the proxy configuration in the httpd.conf file. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWapchr | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | |SUNWapchu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | |SUNWapchd | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
attributes(5) NOTES
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