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Delete all CONSECUTIVE text lines from file shell scripting

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Delete all CONSECUTIVE text lines from file shell scripting
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Oracle Delete all CONSECUTIVE text lines from file shell scripting


I have a text file like below. THe content of the text will vary.

Entire text file have four consecutive lines followed with blank line.

I want to delete the occurrence of the two consicutive lines in the text file. I don't have pattern to match and delete. Just i need to delete all two lines in the text file.




Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment Use code tags, thanks.
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Any attempts/ideas/thoughts from your side?
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No ... After searching i didnt get any idea anywhere.
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I was more talking of your own efforts... anyhow, try
awk '/^ *$/ {CNT = 0; print; next} ++CNT < 3 {T[CNT] = $0; next} CNT == 3 {print T[1]; print T[2]} 1' file

This User Gave Thanks to RudiC For This Post:
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Thanks Much it is working fine and suits my requirement
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awk 'NF>2' RS="\n\n" ORS="\n\n" infile

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