GCC compiler installation on Linux OS

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I have asked this question only one time . But anyway I got my answers . Thank you
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hi, can we install gcc compiler in unix based OS(sun solar,IBM AIX,HP,etc) and also can we install sun cc compiler in AIX environment and vice versa. and more ..is linux support cc compiler regards Ajay (3 Replies)
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gcc compiler

Which gcc compiler release had the Arm 9 multicore support?Whether the compiler that used for the single Arm 9 core can be used for its multicore systems ? If gcc not support,please tell me which are the compilers that are available for Arm 9 multicore systems (including commerical).Whether... (0 Replies)
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gcc compiler

I am using open suse linux. I want to install gcc compiler in my machine. I ahve checked man gcc and man cc. But it's not there. Can someone help me (4 Replies)
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GCC compiler on linux box

Hi All, My main aim is to find the version of GCC compiler installed on linux box. Case 1: When i use gcc -v i get the foll. O/P Reading specs from /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux7/2.96/specs gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Red Hat Linux 7.3 2.96-128) case 2: when i use... (3 Replies)
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where to download gcc compiler for ubuntu? how to install? how to build and run "c programs"? screen shots if possible.....:b::D tutorials too:cool: (5 Replies)
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xl C/C++ compiler to GCC compiler

Hi, we are converting from IBM-AIX(xl c/c++ compiler) to Linux(GCC complier). As a part of this i need to change the CFLAGS. The xl c/c++ complier CFLAGS is CFLAGS := $(CDEBUG) $(PROJECT_INCLUDE_DIRS) $(COBJECT_MODE) -qcpluscmt -qmakedep -qcheck=all \ -qalign=bit_packed $(LINT_FLAGS)... (0 Replies)
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i write c++ code it run perfectely with g++ compiler but same code when i compile with GCC compiler it gives linker error , followed these linker error /tmp/ccfZtXOQ.o(.text+0x22): In function `main': conf_system.cpp: undefined reference to `operator new(unsigned int)'... (5 Replies)
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gcc compiler on AIX 5.2

Does anybody know a web site where I could download gcc for AIX 5.2 (I've downloaded gcc 3.2 from http://www.bullfreeware.com/, but it doesn't work)? Thanks a lot for your answers. (2 Replies)
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:confused: I have a question concerning gcc. IŽd like to install the gcc on my Mac OS X, but when I try to run the configure command I get the following message: floriant% ./configure ./configure: read-only variable: PWD Configuring for a powerpc-apple-darwin5.4 host. *** This configuration... (2 Replies)
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libvncserver-config(1)					    libvncserver-config manual					    libvncserver-config(1)

libvncserver-config - Get information about a libvncserver installation SYNOPSIS
libvncserver-config [--prefix[=DIR]] [--exec-prefix[=DIR]] [--version] [--link] [--libs] [--cflags] DESCRIPTION
libvncserver-config displays information about a previous libvncserver installation. OPTIONS
--prefix=DIR Shows location where architecture-independent files are stored. --exec-prefix=DIR Shows location where architecture-dependent files are stored. --version Shows libvncserver version. --link Shows the complete set of linking options libvncserver has been built with. --libs Shows the complete set of libs and other linker options you will need in order to link your application with libvncserver. --cflags Set of compiler options (CFLAGS) to use when compiling files that use libvncserver. EXAMPLES
What linker options do I need when I link with libvncserver? libvncserver-config --libs What compiler options do I need when I compile using libvncserver functions? libvncserver-config --cflags AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Ludovic Drolez <ldrolez@debian.org> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). libvncserver 19 November 2011 libvncserver-config(1)

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