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To determine the File Sytem Usage on Multiple UNIX server

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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting To determine the File Sytem Usage on Multiple UNIX server
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Old 04-08-2014
To determine the File Sytem Usage on Multiple UNIX server

Hello All Smilie

I want to write a shell script to find the file system usage on multiple UNIX servers.

df -g fsJCAPS

Below script works fine and it displays results on terminal/console. I want to store /redirect output on to local server from where I'm running the script.

I want to store the output as below and send an email notification.
Filesystem                      Total(in GB)   Free(in GB)  %Used     Mounted     
/dev/lvJCAPS                   50.00           9.31       82%     /fsJCAPS  

Many Thanks

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Old 04-08-2014
Does it have to be telnet? With ssh and passwordless setup that would become much faster and easier...
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Old 04-09-2014
To Determine file sytem space

Thanks for the response. Actaully I dont have much idea on SSH.

I want to go with telnet.

If you feel it is easy to write scripts with ssh ,please let me this procedure as well. :-)Smilie

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Could you please update me on this please.
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Old 04-09-2014
If you search these fora, there's plenty of examples of exactly this, disk usage on several servers using ssh.

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