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Old 03-24-2014
[BASH] Using getopts


Just recently there was a thread about parsing arguments, where i read the first time about getopts.
This said, i'd like to 'provide' a list function that can be 'trigered' using an 'option'(?).

The regarding code snippets are:
	while getopts "e:(edit)l:(list)m:(mount)u:(unmount)h:(help)d:(debug)": name
	do 	case $name in
		e|edit)	server_info="$OPTARG";shift
			mode=edit ;;
		l|list)	mode=list ;;
			mode=mount ;;
		h|help)	printf "$help_text"
			exit $RET_HELP	;;
			mode=unmount ;;
		d|debug)	DEBUG=true	;;
	$DEBUG && set -x

... more code ...

	List() { # 
	# Prints a list of NAS' and their shares

... more code ...

#	Display & Action
	case $mode in
	edit)	Edit
		exit $? ;;
	list)	List
		exit $? ;;
	menu)	menu="Mount Unmount Edit List New"
		tui-echo "Please choose a task:"
		select TASK in $menu;do
			exit $?

The behaviour that irritates me is this:
on passing script -l it fails, on passing the long optionname -list it works as expected. (see attached screenshot)
However... -d|-debug is NOT affected by this.. why?

Where lies my problem, if there is one?
Is the getopts/shift thingy properly adapted in general?

Thank you in advance
[BASH] Using getopts-getoptspng
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Old 03-24-2014
Don't mix up the getopt command with bash's builtin getopts. The former allows for long options which the latter doesn't. And, colons in the OPTSTRING denote options with required arguments (which is indicated in your screenshot). So, in your case, try again with the OPTSTRING elmuhd - no long option, no req. arguments. I guess, you should forget the shift in the case statement as every call to getopts will get the next option.
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Old 03-24-2014
Thank you Rudi, i'm not fully understand yet.

When i change from getopts to getopt, and run "nas3.sh -l" all i get is "-- name" printed X-times. So i change back to the builtins getopts.
getopts: Man Page for getopts (linux Section 1) - The UNIX and Linux Forums
getopt: Man Page for getopt (linux Section 1) - The UNIX and Linux Forums
A slight diffrence in name, a big one in usage....

Originally Posted by RudiC
And, colons in the OPTSTRING denote options with required arguments (which is indicated in your screenshot).
Pardon me, what does my screenshot indicate??

There are no colons (':') in OPTSTRING (actualy the 'value to the '-option' right?) or ANY argument expected.

Issue solved, so thank you again Smilie
But i still dont feel 'comfortable', as i'd like to understand, why -d(ebug) worked without arguments, but -h(elp) and -l(ist) required some or had to be long?
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Old 03-24-2014
Your screenshot says: option requires an argument -- l when run with -l only. When supplying -list, l is the option, and ist is the argument.

This is your OPTSTRING: "e:(edit)l:(list)m:(mount)u:(unmount)h:(help)d:(debug)": It has many an option character, some listed twice or even more often, and e, l, m, u, h, and d have a colon next to them, making them require an argument. -d works without arguments as it is listed in "edit" without colon. i should work as well as an option...
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Old 03-24-2014
Wierd, the article (some website i dont recall) showed some examples for multiple long-options in the like of:

Also it differs quite much from the example in: /usr/share/doc/util-linux/getopt-parse.bash which i found just now.
However i dont understand how getopt actualy gets involved: (snipet from the above file)
TEMP=`getopt -o ab:c:: --long a-long,b-long:,c-long:: \
     -n 'example.bash' -- "$@"`

if [ $? != 0 ] ; then echo "Terminating..." >&2 ; exit 1 ; fi

# Note the quotes around `$TEMP': they are essential!
eval set -- "$TEMP"

while true ; do
	case "$1" in

However, i now understand the 'matters' of the colons Smilie
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Old 03-24-2014
This might help you with long arguments using getopt:

eval set -- $(getopt -l edit:,list:,mount:,unmount:,help,debug -o e:l:m:u:hd -- "$@")

while true
   case $name in
       -e|--edit) server_info="$1"; shift ; mode=edit ;;
       -l|--list) server_info="$1"; shift ; mode=list ;;
       -u|--unmount) server_info="$1"; shift ; mode=unmount ;;
       -d|--debug) DEBUG=true ;;
       -h|--help) printf "$help_text" ; exit $RET_HELP ;;
       --) break ;;
       *)  echo "Internal error!" ; exit 1 ;;
echo options left $#
echo Debug: $DEBUG Mode: $mode  Server_info: $server_info

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Old 03-24-2014
List should have an optional (IF any at all) argument, saying, if one provides the servername or ip, it lists just that one, otherwise (empty,missing) it lists all.
So assume to 'remove' the argument requirement, but check if anything else were supplied..

eval set -- $(getopt -l edit:,list,mount:,unmount:,help,debug -o e:l:m:u:hd -- "$@")

And then check within the 'list' function like [ -z $server_info ] && echo 'list all' || echo 'list only $server_info'

And thanks to the local example and Chubler's adaption of my code, i finaly understood that shift thing.

Thank you guys, you're the best! Smilie
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