Command to delete half of files in directory.

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Old 03-21-2014
Command to delete half of files in directory.

Hello Friends,

I have directory called /tmp. which stores the log files.
Whenever it becomes full, i want to delete half of files from all log files.
even after deleting the files, if space is more than 90% then it should delete rest of half files.
While deleting files, older files should be deleted first.
Thanks in advance Smilie
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Old 03-21-2014
And where is the issue?

We see no attempts from you to write the script...
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Old 03-21-2014
I am unable to find the logic to divide the files into half part. and delete the older files first. As i am not sure how much files are there in tmp directory, I am bit confused.
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Old 03-21-2014

Why don't you try using find command to delete files of particular days/weeks old .. like all files older then 7 ...

then use unix "du / df " commands to checks if its usage = 90% .. if so delete all files else no nothing Smilie

If you provide a sample directory/number of files .. we would help you better Smilie
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Old 03-21-2014
Hello Nakul,

Here is the hint for you.

1- you can check the number of files by ls command with using wc command or by awk command.

2- you can then look for the man page for find command which have all the severa; options to search files older than specific number of days.

3- You can use exec command to delete those files within find command itself.

Could you please try the steps and let us know where you have stuck.

R. Singh
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Old 03-21-2014
Thanks for reply.
Yes i can find out count of files by using
ls -lrt |wc -l

suppose it is 120
How can i delete the first 60 files then.?
File name is like

Will that format is helpfull to develop the logic.?

Experts Please help
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Old 03-21-2014
find /your_directory -mtime +7 -exec rm -f {} \;

should help you to delete files.. you can simply use "cron" to execute the above command on particular day.

Plzzz How does the number of files matter in deletion SmilieSmilie??

i suggest going by age of file would help you more ..
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