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Old 03-20-2014
Thanks Shamrock, I'm getting closer!

My problem now is column 1 and 2 are separated by a space! If only I could use your solution and separate 1 and 2 as well and I'll be sorted.

I'll keep digging.

Thanks for all of your help Smilie
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Old 03-20-2014
Note: not every awk understands the {,} repetition operators, out of the box. mawk does not know them and gawk 3 needs an option to switch them on (--re-interval or --posix). An alternative would be to alternatively use two spaces followed by a + operator.
If we combine that with alternation ( | ), we get:
awk -F '  +|\t' '{print $2, $3, $4}' file

which, combined with the input from post #3 gives:
Col2 Col3 Col4
host2 OFFLINE host2 is offline and has been for 7 minutes
host1 ONLINE host1 is online

If the separator between the first two fields is a single space you could add and exception like this:
awk -F '  +|\t' '{split($1,F,/[ ]/); print F[2], $2, $3}' file

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Old 03-20-2014
Another option could be to get the columns based on spacing, rather than character delimited. For example, in your example data above, you could print the 1st & 4th column like such:
perl -lne '@m = /(.{14})(.{12})(.{14})(.*)/; print $m[0].$m[3]' file

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Old 03-20-2014
Originally Posted by keenboy100
Thanks Shamrock, I'm getting closer!

My problem now is column 1 and 2 are separated by a space! If only I could use your solution and separate 1 and 2 as well and I'll be sorted.

I'll keep digging.

Thanks for all of your help Smilie
In that case you'd have split up $1 into its sub-fields...
awk -F"  +" '{printf("%s %s %s\n", a[split($1, a, " ")], $2, $5)}' file

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