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Old 03-20-2014
Hostname lookup and create text file

I have a list of hostnames in a txt file . I need to do nslookup or other command on linux and get the ip address and if you dont find an ip address then put instead in the output text file along with the hostname.

So input



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Old 03-20-2014
Using the host command:

$ cat myScript
while read HOST x; do
  IPS=$(host -t A "$HOST" | awk '/has address/ { IP=IP","$NF } END { print IP?IP:"," }')
  echo "$HOST$IPS"
done < hosts.txt >

$ ./myScript

$ cat hosts.txt

$ cat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

(Change 'IP=IP","$NF' to 'print ","$NF; exit' in the main action, and remove the END clause, to store only the first IP address)
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Old 03-21-2014 rock!
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