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Old 03-18-2014
Very cool.
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IGAWK(1)							 Utility Commands							  IGAWK(1)

igawk - gawk with include files SYNOPSIS
igawk [ all gawk options ] -f program-file [ -- ] file ... igawk [ all gawk options ] [ -- ] program-text file ... DESCRIPTION
Igawk is a simple shell script that adds the ability to have ``include files'' to gawk(1). AWK programs for igawk are the same as for gawk, except that, in addition, you may have lines like @include getopt.awk in your program to include the file getopt.awk from either the current directory or one of the other directories in the search path. OPTIONS
See gawk(1) for a full description of the AWK language and the options that gawk supports. EXAMPLES
cat << EOF > test.awk @include getopt.awk BEGIN { while (getopt(ARGC, ARGV, "am:q") != -1) ... } EOF igawk -f test.awk SEE ALSO
gawk(1) Effective AWK Programming, Edition 1.0, published by the Free Software Foundation, 1995. AUTHOR
Arnold Robbins ( Free Software Foundation Nov 3 1999 IGAWK(1)