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Old 03-12-2014
[Solved] Would pipe work better with this command

Hi again, have a script that I would like run, but before I can run it I need to strip out the windows \r end of lines.
I have put the command into a text file and set the command to run every 10 seconds the coomand I use to do this is
while sleep 10; do /Volumes/AraxiVolume_HW07376_J/OPS_OutPuts_TimeStampText_For_Naming_Work_Folder/OPS_TempFolderForFiringTrigger/GOLDEN.TERM; done

The command that its firing is in a text file called GOLDEN.TERM
this is the code for that file
cr=$(printf "\r")
sed -i "" -e s"/$cr//g" /Volumes/AraxiVolume_HW07376_J/OPS_OutPuts_TimeStampText_For_Naming_Work_Folder/OPS_OutPuts_TimeStamp_SED_INPUT/[0-9]*-OPS_OutPuts_TimeStamp 

That the command does is strips away the windows \r and save over the original file and then executes the original file with out windows \r.
What I would like to do is pipe the the output from the command that strips away the windows \r through to the shell again without saving the file to disk.
The commands I have work in the terminal put trying to execute as them from a file does not.
Does any one have an idea how I can make this work?
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Old 03-12-2014
You have the file two times in the sed arguments, but in sed -i each file argument is input and output! Remove one of them, so sed runs once!
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Old 03-12-2014
I was thinking maybe using pipe would work better if i run the file through tr or sed can I get the output to fire at the end of the pipe can you show me some examples?
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Old 03-12-2014
You cannot overwrite your input file, is the thing.

tr 'a' 'b' < inputfile | sed 's/q/r/' | awk '...' > inputfile-out

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Old 03-12-2014
Hi I don't necessarily want to overwrite the input file. The script thaty I want to run just needs the window \r end of lines taken out before it fires.
Is there any way I could pass the out put of the tr command that takes out the window \r end of lines with pipe directly to the shell so that it just runs the script?
Thanks very much for your help
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Old 03-12-2014
tr -d '\r' < inputfile | sed '...' > outputfile

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Old 03-12-2014
Originally Posted by Paul Walker
Is there any way I could pass the out put of the tr command that takes out the window \r end of lines with pipe directly to the shell so that it just runs the script?
Yes. The shell (sh, ksh, bash, etc) will read its script from the pipe if it's not provided as a command line argument.

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