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Old 02-24-2014
[solved] Remove last word of a string?


I have a string that may or may not have 4 dots.
The string is actualy a file within a folder, where multiple files are located.

Files may look like:
[root@dell nas]# ls *
creds:  someserver

shares:  someserver.sharefolder
[root@dell nas]#

I want to fill 2 variables, $SERVER and $SHARE.
Obviously either '' or 'servername' should be in $SERVER, while 'sharename' should become $SHARE.

Maybe i could just use another symbol than a dot as filename seperator between $SERVER and $SHARE?
But i nether want to use '-' nor '_' as they might occour in a share- or servername (right?), while i'm not sure how a coma as part of a filename works out.

Please note, the relevant code blocks are the function and the 'else' part.
	GetServerShare() { # SERVER | SHARE
	# Pass either Server- or Sharename
	# Returns SERVER/SHARE (list if multiple)
		# Look if ITEM is SERVER
		servers="$(ls $CONFIG_CREDS|grep $1)" 
		# Look if ITEM is SHARE
		shares="$(ls $CONFIG_SHARES|grep $1)"

		# The grep \. should print out only server.share item,
		# given the assumption the user has set them up already,
		# while grep $1 will reduce the list to match provided argument/string
		output="$(printf $servers $shares |grep \.|grep $1)"
		for ITEM in $output;do
		    printf "$ITEM\n" # Need code here
....... other code ....
	else	if ( [ $mode = mount ] && [ ! "" = "$(echo $1|grep '/')" ] ) || \
			( [ ! $mode = mount ] && [ ! "" = "$(echo $2|grep '/')" ] )
		then	# Adress contains slashes, thus contains server & share info
			if [ ! $mode = mount ] #|| [ $doEdit ] || [ $doUnmount ]
			then	export	SERVER=$(printf "$2"|sed s,'/',' ',g|awk '{print $1}') \
					SHARE=$(printf "$2"|sed s,'/',' ',g|awk '{print $2}')
			else	export	SERVER=$(printf "$1"|sed s,'/',' ',g|awk '{print $1}') \
					SHARE=$(printf "$1"|sed s,'/',' ',g|awk '{print $2}')
		else	# Its just the IP/NAS or the Share name
			STR=$(GetServerShare $server_info)
			# This export needs to be changed too,
			# if i'd change the sed from / to '.' i'd get only 127 as SERVER,
			# but it would work if the servername was used (but would required changes at /etc/hosts
			export	SERVER=$(printf "$STR"|sed s,'/',' ',g|awk '{print $1}') \
				SHARE=$(printf "$STR"|sed s,'/',' ',g|awk '{print $2}')
			echo $SERVER # DEBUG - debug::
			echo $SHARE # DEBUG - debug:: EMPTY
		# Current 'fix' as the above 'else' in combination with export produces a trailing dot
		[ "${CONFIG_SHARE:${#CONFIG_SHARE}-1}" = "." ] && \

As of now, within that elseblock, i need to split up $SERVER ( and make SHARENAME the $SHARE variable, which is currently empty.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance

Always right after posting an idea pops up Smilie
I could just replace the dots with spaces (using sed), and then check how many words there are, and use the last word (like for word in line,do SHARE=$word;done) to be used as Variable $SHARE
No better solution comes to mind.

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The loop works, though its not elegant, but once all is working, the scripts needs another rewrite anyway.

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Old 02-24-2014
Assuming your STR will be something like this, you can use something like this




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Or if it is STR=



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