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Old 02-20-2014
Code Source code compilation

Need assistance in Source code compilation .
When installing a software compiling a source code . Whatever the output that prints on the screen i want to log it into a file. How can i see output and store the output to file

make install

Is there other way of seeing output of the screen instead of using the below method to get output
 ./configure > output.txt

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Old 02-20-2014
There is quite probably a config.log or something generated when you run make already.
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Old 02-20-2014
Try :

$ ./configure 2>&1  | tee configure.log
$ make install 2>&1 | tee make_install.log

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Old 02-20-2014
Something like ...
./configure 2>&1 | tee output.txt

or you could try seeing if you have session logging. Linux allows you do do the script command and it will create a typescript file. If you're using a client like putty it will log it's session with the press of a button from the pull down menu.
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Old 02-20-2014
I tend to use script... I f you give it a try, dont forget to type exit when youre done...
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Old 02-26-2014
Script is a command that keeps a log of commands int a file but not the source code compilation output .

Thank you blackrageous ,Akshay Hegde, Corona688 for all your help .Smilie
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