Fgrep/grep -f and literal strings

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Old 02-17-2014
Fgrep/grep -f and literal strings

I have a file like this:

cat file
name = server
jobname = 1010
snapshot_name = funky_Win2k12_20140213210409

I'm trying to use grep to isolate that first line (name = server), but
grep -f  "name = " file

as well as
fgrep "name = " file

returns all 3 lines. How do I return results LITERALLY as I'm quoting them without it including matches that have preceding text?

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*Edit - Might've answered my own question....seems that '^' works.

i.e. -
grep "^name = " file

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Old 02-17-2014

Assume z4 contains:
name = server
jobname = 1010
snapshot_name = funky_Win2k12_20140213210409

$ fgrep -w "name =" z4
name = server

OS, ker|rel, machine: Linux, 2.6.26-2-amd64, x86_64
Distribution        : Debian 5.0.8 (lenny, workstation) 
fgrep GNU grep 2.5.3

See man fgrep for details.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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