How to get the status code after using lsfsubmit?

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Old 01-30-2014
How to get the status code after using lsfsubmit?


I am a tester and i am trying to create a batch job.

My dev has created few scripts which performs specific task. Manually we need to run these script one by one. We can only run scriptname2 if script name1 completes.

lsfsubmit <scriptname1> <param1> <param2> 
lsfsubmit <scriptname2> <param1> <param2>

When this script is run, I immediately get status as DONE on my console.
If i execute command bjobs on the prompt, i can see <scriptname1> still running at the background.
This is not the problem.....

Now, the batch job that i created will take these script one by one and execute them. The condition is same. Unless one script completes, we cannot run the other script. My code is doing the same thing


My ACTUAL PROBLEM is when my script runs this <scriptname1>, it will capture the status code even before the job is complete at the background, hence it returns the status code as 0 ALWAYS. I beleive this is because lsfsubmit returns DONE at the console but runs the job @ the background.

I want to wait for the job @ the background to complete and the capture the status code as 0 or non 0.
How to do that?


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lsfsubmit ${PARAMARGS}   
if [ ${temp} != 0 ]

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Old 01-30-2014
If lsfsubmit (a child of your shell) starts something in the background (a grandchild of your shell) and doesn't wait for it to finish, there is no way for you to capture the exit status of your grandchildren in your current shell unless your grandchildren save their exit status to somewhere that your shell can access (a file, a shared memory segment, ...) before they exit. And, if the grandchildren are terminated by an uncaught signal, even if they were willing to record their exit status when they terminate by normal means, they will not be able to record their exit status before they are terminated by the uncaught signal.

Since lsfsubmit is the parent of the processes in question, it could capture the exit status of its children when they exit and report that information back to your shell before it terminates. But, if it exits before its children, there is no direct way for a grandparent to reap its grandchildren's status.
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