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Old 01-26-2014
[Solved] Help with condition

I have below code, I am checking on one server where ppp.sh process not running it is perfectly fine, when i am checking the same script on another server where ppp.sh script is running, it is throwing error "too many arguments", how to avoid this. If i will check on server where process running it shows "ppp process running" and if i will check on server where process not running it shows error "ppp process stop"

count=$(ps -ef | grep ppp.sh | grep -v grep)

if [ ${count:-0} -ge 2 ]
echo "PPP process running "
echo "PPP process stop "

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Old 01-26-2014
I think you meant to count the lines.
count=$(ps -ef | grep ppp.sh | grep -v grep| wc -l)

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Old 01-26-2014
Not sure about your variable count. If you want to avoid error getting displayed, then you can redirect to /dev/null and you can check exit status $?, where exit code 0 is true and 1 is false.
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Old 01-26-2014
Or, using one less process:
count=$(ps -ef | grep ppp.sh | grep -cv grep)

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Old 01-26-2014
Thanks so much for your help, problem solve.
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Old 01-26-2014
With the [ ] trick grep does not find its own args
count=$(ps -ef | grep -c "[p]pp.sh")

A perhaps more precise match is
count=$(ps -ef | grep -wc "[p]pp\.sh")

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