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Old 01-21-2014
File Update


I have a running program with different output files updating for given loops but for one of the files I want to keep all data (ie not override it) but always concatenate the last data to the previous ones. This needs to be done for given time intervals (lets say every 45 mins)

Is there anyway to do that with sed?
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Old 01-21-2014
I'm guessing >> for appending files isn't sufficient for your needs for some reason, but I can't tell why it isn't. Can you post your code please?
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Old 01-21-2014
I don't have a specific code but what I want should be like this: the file to be checked is sss.temp

if sss.temp != sss.temp.old then
cp sss.temp sss.temp.old
cp sss.temp.dat sss.temp.dat.old
cat sss.temp.dat.old sss.temp > sss.temp.dat
do nothing

sss.temp.dat should have all data at the end and I want the script to run this every 45 mins or 1hour for example

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Old 01-21-2014
Try >> to append, then.
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Old 01-21-2014
What do you mean by:
if sss.temp != sss.temp.old

Do you mean that both files have the same i-node?
Do you mean that both files have the same size?
Do you mean that both files have the same contents?
Do you mean that sss.temp has been modified more recently than sss.temp.old?

The command:
cat sss.temp.dat.old sss.temp > sss.temp.dat

replaces the contents of sss.temp.dat with the contents of sss.temp.dat.old followed by the contents of sss.temp. If you want to append the contents of sss.temp.dat.old and sss.temp to the end of the current contents of sss.temp.dat, use:
cat sss.temp.dat.old sss.temp >> sss.temp.dat

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Old 01-21-2014
if sss.temp != sss.temp.old

I actually mean
diff sss.temp sss.temp.old

returns true. That is the contents of the two files are different.

cat sss.temp.dat.old sss.temp > sss.temp.dat

is replacing the contents of

by the contents of

followed by the contents of

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Old 01-21-2014
If I understand your requirements correctly, this seems to do what you requested:\
sleep_time=$((45 * 60))
while true
do      if ! cmp -s sss.temp sss.temp.old
        then    cp sss.temp sss.temp.old
                cat sss.tmp.old >> sss.temp.dat
        sleep $sleep_time

but it seems that this would duplicate old data in sss.temp multiple times. I would think that sss.temp should be cleared after the data it contains has been added to sss.tmp.dat, but it isn't at all clear from what you've shown us what is writing into sss.temp. If it is a log file that is being held open by whatever is writing it, we can't just clear the old contents. And, if we do clear it, then the test at the start of the loop would look for a non-empty file rather than an unchanged file.
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