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Old 01-21-2014
Sample output

hi gurus ,

i want the command to get the output in the desired format .

basically to convert columns to rows.
please refer to the attachment.
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Old 01-21-2014
If your input is tab separated text file then try, if xls then convert it to tab and then use

$ awk 'NR==1{for(i=5;i<=NF;i++){gsub(/\(|\)/,OFS,$i);A[i]=$i}}NR>1{s=$1 OFS $2 OFS $3 OFS $4;for(i=5;i<=NF;i++)print s,A[i],$3,$4,$i}' FS='\t' OFS='\t' file

S1    P1    1          DISTI   USD         1        265.2
S1    P1    1          MSRP    USD         1        312
S1    P1    1          DIST    EUR         1        195.5
S1    P1    1          MSRP    EUR         1        230
S2    P2    3    4     DISTI   GBP        3    4    648.55
S2    P2    3    4     MSRP    GBP        3    4    763

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Old 01-21-2014
Thanks for the reply .. i just need to tweakur your query .. can u plz explain a bit how looping works in your command
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Old 01-21-2014
Duplicate here

Urgent ! | Unix Linux Forums | Shell Programming and Scripting

I will not answer you, here all are volunteer, none of them get paid if they answer you. but still they are spending their time to help others try to understand. You are member since 2009, what you have tried so far ? what you could learn from forum ?

If you have enough forum bits post in Emergency UNIX and Linux Support Forum, or else wait for sometime.
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