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Old 01-17-2014
Value validation

Hi All

I am trying to validate a value using if condition

requirement is need to check whether its a valid numeric value

the input contains ( space, #N/A and negative and positive decimal values and Zeros)

if it contains the space, I need to display the error message as space

and the same applies for #N/A and negative values and zeros

I have tried a different ways but no joy

Please provide me the help on ths
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Old 01-17-2014
Assuming your variable is called A:
if [[ "$A" =~ " " ]]; then
  echo got a space
elif [[ ... ]]

It might be better to use a case-statemnt for this, depending on how many patterns you are looking for.

edit: Moved thread. This has nothing to do with Solaris.

Last edited by Scott; 01-17-2014 at 07:47 AM.. Reason: Corrected; moved thread
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Old 01-17-2014
I am getting the below error when I tried that

syntax error at line 4 : `=~' unexpected

Please advice
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Old 01-17-2014
As you didn't mention the shell you're using, we're urged to guess. Above was a bashism. Try this for testing for negative number strings:
[ "$A" = "${A//-}" ] && echo OK || echo NOK

You need to test for all your patterns, though.
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Old 01-17-2014
Thanks for that

I am using ksh on sun solaris

Thats throwing an error

"${A//-}": bad substitution

I need the help to validate the value either using if or case, please provide for space and no-numeric and special character values
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Old 01-17-2014
This is my bad, I moved the thread from the Solaris forum, and didn't consider the OS when submitting my code.

I would use a case statement, in that case.

case "$var" in
  " ") echo got a space;;
  "N/A") echo got NA;;
  -[0-9]*) echo negative;;

I replaced my only Solaris server, with Oracle on it, for a Red Hat one, so I can't test specifically in KSH on Solaris.
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Old 01-17-2014
Perhaps an old ksh version? According to the man page, ksh93 should have above parameter expansion.
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