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Old 01-11-2014
Your description of what you want to do leaves some questions unanswered. And, none of your comments request changes to your code to support the "all" that your default case statement suggests.

All of your sample ranges essentially specify a starting step and then execute that step and all higher steps available in your sample case statement. Do you want to allow a user to specify that steps 1 and 2 should be performed (without performing later steps)?

Do the steps to be executed have to be contiguous? Should there be a way to specify that steps 1 and 3 are to be performed without step 2?

Do you want "all" to be treated as a request to run steps 1 through 10?

Am I correct in assuming that you still want to allow the user to request that any single step be performed?
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Old 01-12-2014
My changes in red:

while :
  echo "----------------------------------------------"
  echo " * * * * * * * Steps * * * * *  * * "
  echo "----------------------------------------------"
  echo "[1]  Step1 "
  echo "[2]  Step2 "
  echo "[3]  Step3 "
  echo "[0]  Exit  "
  echo "----------------------------------------------"
  echo -n "Choose Option [0-3]:"
  read yourch fin
  if [ ${fin:=$yourch} -gt $max ]
  then exit 1
  if [ ${fin} -le 0 ]
  then exit 2
  until [ $yourch -gt ${fin} ]
    case $yourch in
      0) exit 0        ;;
      1)  function1 ;;
      2)  function2 ;;
      3)  function3 ;;
      *) echo " Please select choice 1,2,3 OR all"
      echo "Press a key. . ."

If no value is entered for $fin only one iteration is made. If a value is entered for $fin it will loop until $yourch is the same value as $fin. The (*) clause in the case statement should never be met and could be removed. Change the value of $max appropriately.

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