[Solved] If statement in bash

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Old 01-10-2014
[Solved] If statement in bash

I have the following code in bash, however "set red frmt" is not displayed.

  echo "iarg_rd = $iarg_rd"

  if [ ! -z "$iarg_rd" ]; then
    echo "Hello World"

  if [ ! -z "$iarg_colr" ]; then

  elif [ ! -z "$iarg_bk" ]; then

  elif [ ! -z "$iarg_rd" ]; then
    echo "set red frmt"

  elif [ ! -z "$iarg_gn" ]; then

  elif [ ! -z "$iarg_yl" ]; then

  elif [ ! -z "$iarg_bl" ]; then

  elif [ ! -z "$iarg_mg" ]; then

  elif [ ! -z "$iarg_cy" ]; then

  elif [ ! -z "$iarg_wh" ]; then



  echo "frmt = $frmt"

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Old 01-10-2014
So what does it display then?
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Old 01-10-2014
Problem fixed.
"$iarg_colr" happened to be 1. Also needed to remove ! and just use the variable name.
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