Converting date +%j into integer

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Old 01-10-2014
Converting date +%j into integer

Dear community,

i got a problem to get "date +%j" as the right value.
Today is the 10th day of the year.

#./ 2

Var1=$(date +%j)

let result=$Var1+$Var2
echo $Var1 plus $Var2 equals $result

The output of the script is:

010 plus 2 equals 10
010 plus 3 equals 11
and so on.

I tried to declare $Var1 as an integer.
typeset -i Var1 Var2

The output after the declaration is

8 plus 2 equals 10
8 plus 3 equals 11
and so on.

The result should be 12. I need it for further calculations.

do you got any suggestion or solution for this problem?


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Old 01-10-2014
a bug in bash??
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ bash
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ let A=$(date +%j)
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ echo $A
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ exit
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ echo $0
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ let A=$(date +%j)
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ echo $A              

Did my test on AIX7.1 after seeing on old HP it works (only ksh...)

So change your first line to sh or ksh...
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Old 01-10-2014
ok quick update:
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ bash
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ date +%j
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ let A=$(date +%j)
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ echo $A
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $  A=$(date +%j)
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ echo $A
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ let B=$A
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ echo $B
Only workaround for now ( I have other things to do...) I can think of is:
n12:/home/vbe/wks/test/arithmetics $ echo "$A + $B" |bc

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Old 01-10-2014
thank you, i had to install ksh first, but now it works fine!

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Old 01-10-2014
This is not a bug -- the leading 0 causes the shell to think the number is octal. 010 would be 8 in octal.

You can do string operations to strip off leading 0's, but I tend to take the easy way, slapping a '1' on the front to make it look decimal. Subtract 1000 as part of your math operations.
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Old 01-13-2014
You could also user typeset to force the variable to be an integer:-
typeset -i Var1=$(date +%j)

I have noticed a difference in the output from this depending on the OS though.

It seems that AIX (4, 5 and 6) & HP-UX 11 do what I expect, but RHEL (bash & ksh93) computes this to set Var=11

Maybe it's to do with the version of the shell, but AIX 6 has ksh93 available and that works as I expect (value of 13). Something to be tested first. Maybe this would be safer:-
Var1=`date +%j`


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Old 01-13-2014
@rbatte that last bit will not work for day of the year with a 0 in position 2 or 3. Perhaps this:


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