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Old 01-08-2014
Utilize input file in place of argument

First I apologize for my ignorance as I am very new to the world of UNIX but love it and have a huge desire to learn it.

A question I have is if a Korn script utilizes/relies on an argument to run, can you add these into a file and pipe them to the script without changing anything inside the Korn script?

Currently I run
fetchzonetorr.ksh djzah.com

(the script fetches the dns zone to resource records for the domain djzah.com)

I want to run the ksh script on multiple domains. So say I create a file called domains.txt with the following:

Now can I run the korn script telling it to pull argument line by line like
fetchzonetorr.ksh < domains.txt

OR do you have to add a while loop in the script and if so is it safe to just assume you add at the beginning something like:
while read -r  LINE || [[ -n $LINE ]]; do
  *** entire script ****

Thanks for any suggestions..... I could be insane, it hasn't been proven yet.

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Old 01-08-2014
Have you looked at the script?

Have you tried invoking the script with more than one operand? For example:
fetchzonetorr.ksh djzah.com thezah.com

If that gives you the results you want for those two domains, then for the list of domains in your file, try:
fetchzonetorr.ksh $(cat domains.txt)

If that didn't work, try:
while read -r domain
do      fetchzonetorr.ksh "$domain"
done < domains.txt

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Old 01-08-2014
Thank You sir...

That is getting me closer. The first suggestion didn't work for me but the last suggestion did with one minor change.
while read -r domain
do      ./fetchzonetorr.ksh "$domain"
done < domains.txt

I can definitely make this work

I'm curious if I could make it work inside the file since $1 is the domain
Example: ./fetch.ksh djzah.com
$1 = djzah.com

in the fetch.ksh script the input check is
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#  Input Check

if [[ ! -n $1 ]]; then

    print "\nsyntax: fetchzone2rr.ksh {zone_to_retrive}\n\n";
    exit 1;


Could I incorporate the code you provided in the fetch script so I could utilize
./fetch.ksh domainsph1.txt
./fetch.ksh domainsph2.txt

Of course the domains listed inside each .txt file taking place of the $1 variable.

To make this happen, could I just edit fetch.ksh and add
while read -r domain; do

at the beginning of the script

at the end of the script

Leaving the rest of the script intact.

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