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Old 01-07-2014
HI all,

I solved the problem in a different

from collections import defaultdict
import sys

d = defaultdict(list)

with open (sys.argv[1]) as f:
        for line in f:
                line_data = line.strip().split()
                d[' '.join(line_data[0:5])].append(line_data[5])

for k in sorted(d.keys(), key = lambda s: (s.split()[0], int(s.split()[1]))):
        print(k,  ', '.join(d[k]))

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A Component is an entity with a graphical representation. SYNOPSIS
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Constructor new Creates a new Component. Instance Methods background_color Set this component's background color. border Set this component's border, which should be an instance of Border. callback Optional callback that is fired at the beginning of the "finalize" phase. This allows you to add some sort of custom code that can modify the component just before it is rendered. The only argument is the component itself. Note that changing the position or the dimensions of the component will not re-layout the scene. You may have weird results of you manipulate the component's dimensions here. class Set/Get this component's class, which is an abitrary string. Graphics::Primitive has no internal use for this attribute but provides it for outside use. color Set this component's foreground color. fire_callback Method to execute this component's "callback". get_tree Get a tree for this component. Since components are -- by definiton -- leaf nodes, this tree will only have the one member at it's root. has_callback Predicate that tells if this component has a "callback". height Set this component's height. inside_bounding_box Returns a Rectangle that defines the edges of the 'inside' box for this component. This box is relative to the origin of the component. inside_height Get the height available in this container after taking away space for padding, margin and borders. inside_width Get the width available in this container after taking away space for padding, margin and borders. margins Set this component's margins, which should be an instance of Insets. Margins are the space outside the component's bounding box, as in CSS. The margins should be outside the border. maximum_height Set/Get this component's maximum height. Used to inform a layout manager. maximum_width Set/Get this component's maximum width. Used to inform a layout manager. minimum_height Set/Get this component's minimum height. Used to inform a layout manager. minimum_inside_height Get the minimum height available in this container after taking away space for padding, margin and borders. minimum_inside_width Get the minimum width available in this container after taking away space for padding, margin and borders. minimum_width Set/Get this component's minimum width. Used to inform a layout manager. name Set this component's name. This is not required, but may inform consumers of a component. Pay attention to that library's documentation. origin Set/Get the origin point for this component. outside_height Get the height consumed by padding, margin and borders. outside_width Get the width consumed by padding, margin and borders. finalize Method provided to give component one last opportunity to put it's contents into the provided space. Called after prepare. padding Set this component's padding, which should be an instance of Insets. Padding is the space inside the component's bounding box, as in CSS. This padding should be between the border and the component's content. page If true then this component represents stand-alone page. This informs the driver that this component (and any children) are to be renderered on a single surface. This only really makes sense in formats that have pages such as PDF of PostScript. prepare Method to prepare this component for drawing. This is an empty sub and is meant to be overridden by a specific implementation. preferred_height Set/Get this component's preferred height. Used to inform a layout manager. preferred_width Set/Get this component's preferred width. Used to inform a layout manager. to_string Get a string representation of this component in the form of: $name $x,$y ($widthx$height) visible Set/Get this component's visible flag. width Set/Get this component's width. AUTHOR
Cory Watson, "<>" BUGS
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