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Old 01-04-2014
Substitute from awk results

The following awk command :

asmcmd lsdg | awk '{print $13;}' | grep -i ${SID}

return the following output . An Empty line + two lines contain "/" at the end of the line


I need to remove the "/" as well as the empty line.
Please advise


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Old 01-04-2014
add to your code

sed -e 's/\///g' -e '/^$/d'

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Old 01-04-2014
You could do the whole thing in an awk program:
asmcmd lsdg | awk -v S="$SID" 'BEGIN{IGNORECASE=1}$13~S&&NF{gsub("/",x,$13);print $13}'

Use nawk instead in SunOS or Solaris
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Old 01-04-2014
I wonder how grep -i ${SID} can deliver an empty line.
What is ${SID}?
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