SFTP stderror not able to trap

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Old 12-18-2013
SFTP stderror not able to trap

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Old 12-18-2013
Yes ?
Where is the content of your post?
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Old 12-19-2013
Hi All,

Please see the below shells script for SFTP.
if ” techoutheh.dat” and “teckeytluc.dat” files are available in ${OUTDIR} directory location it is working fine.
Problem:- for -ve testing, if the above files are not available it should give error, but it is not giving any errors(giving status is ‘0' always).
Actually I don't know stderror for SFTP .
I mean to say whether files are exits or not it is giving me always exit status is ‘0'(success) that I have tested.

Can any body tell me how to trap the success or failure in SFTP.
  cd ${OUTDIR}
  sftp_output=`sftp kdgehtr@udfertd01.ndc.lucent.com << EOF
  cd /home/u1et8/oradata/x2ffgggadrop 
  mput techoutheh.dat teckeytluc.dat 
  echo "sftp status :- ${sftp_output} \n sftp process output indicator ${?}" | grep -e 'Uploading' -e 'output indicator 0' > ${TECHFEED}/techfeed_sftp_status.txt
  err_found=`cat "${TECHFEED}/techfeed_sftp_status.txt" | grep -i 'output indicator 0'`
                                  if [ "${err_found}" = "" ]
                                                  echo "*** Sending techfeed file to SPIRIT Server Failed - Abort"
                                                  cat <<-EOF | mailx -s "Sending techfeed file to SPIRIT Server Failed" $MAILLIST
                                                  " "
                                  exit 1

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I have posted shells script. please check.


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Hi All,

are you able to see my thread. if it is not visible please let me know... still i am looking foe solution.

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Old 12-19-2013
does the if part get executed? I have doubts on the second EOF...
It would be easier to rewrite your script using what sftp allows / has to offer like -b batchfile where you can write a script that can look for the presence of files etc...

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Old 12-19-2013
Bumping up posts or double posting is not permitted in these forums. If we don't answer your thread immediately, WAIT!. We are not "on call".

Please read the rules, which you agreed to when you registered, if you have not already done so.

You may receive an infraction for this. If so, don't worry, just try to follow the rules more carefully. The infraction will expire in the near future

Thank You.

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Old 12-20-2013

Sorry, when i posted first time unfortunately i forget to post the code/program. after that i tried to delete the thread. but couldn't find the delete option. so i posted new thread.
sorry, i will keep in mind for the future.


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if part is executing, but it is giving the same result(output indicator 0 always eventhough it sftp is unsuccess).

as per your given instruction i tried with below.
sftp  -b techoutluc.dat kdgehtr@udfertd01.ndc.lucent.com

it is giving me error like below.
FEEDS:/projects/feeds/abc/output>sftp  -b techoutluc.dat kdgehtr@udfertd01.ndc.lucent.com
sftp> 5982026    001263222USA18100283 USA0MA4William         NSalemme                  LP319600531        19370702          Q1M100605    20010713
Invalid command.

is there any way?.
please let me know i am stoke at that point, not able to go ahead.


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Old 12-20-2013
-b batchfile
Batch mode reads a series of commands from an input batchfile
instead of stdin. Since it lacks user interaction it should be
used in conjunction with non-interactive authentication. A
batchfile of '-' may be used to indicate standard input. sftp
will abort if any of the following commands fail: get, put,
rename, ln, rm, mkdir, chdir, ls, lchdir, chmod, chown, chgrp,
lpwd, df, and lmkdir. Termination on error can be suppressed on
a command by command basis by prefixing the command with a '-'
character (for example, -rm /tmp/blah*).
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