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Old 12-12-2013
I'm not sure you can put computable formulas into .csv- files. So what you can do is print four constant/variable column values, separated by semicolons or commas.
Two lines in one cell will be difficult to achieve in *nix OS - EXCEL uses a single <new line> char therefore (as opposed to the ususal <CR><LF> pair windows uses for line end), which is the line end char in *nix.
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Old 12-12-2013
Can you explain a little more what this output file is for.

Is it supposed to be opened by Excel, viewed in a character terminal, viewed with a browser (e.g. Firefox) on windows/linux, emailed as an attachment (e.g. pdf or html)
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Old 12-12-2013
After generating this output, I will c/p to word files. I have about 72 tables like same. So I want to prevent reptition. If two values in same field is not possible maybe I can put them in the field like lval, rval. Each one for side of the equality. And if to put whole formula would be difficult, I can also write formula 1 formula 2 never mind. And explain each of these formulas somewhere else in document. I just need how I can get these table like output with a printf command. Background color is not important neither are field separator lines.
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