Merge files based on both common and uncommon rows

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Old 12-04-2013
Merge files based on both common and uncommon rows


I have two files A (2190 rows) and file B (1100 rows). I want to merge the contents of two files based on common field, also I need the unmatched rows from file A

file A:


file B:

>LMN|chr1:11000-12456[+]: ['CCATYVCY','ACGTGCDT']
>ABC|chr15:176578-187678[-]: ['CCTGCGT']
>PQR|chr3:14567-15866[+]: ['CCTYHGV','TLKJNWYT',TTGCDGT']


ABC chr15:176578-187678[-] ['CCTGCGT']
PQR  chr3:14567-15866[+]  ['CCTYHGV','TLKJNWYT',TTGCDGT']

I am aware of how to get the common columns, buy not sure how to also report the unmatched rows from file A

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Old 12-04-2013
Try something like:
awk -F\| 'NR==FNR{A[$1]=$2; next} {print $1, A[">" $1]}' file2 file1

ABC chr15:176578-187678[-]: ['CCTGCGT']
PQR chr3:14567-15866[+]: ['CCTYHGV','TLKJNWYT',TTGCDGT']

Do you need to get the colon removed as well?
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Old 12-04-2013
Thanks, It worked. I really don't mind about the colon.
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Old 12-04-2013
Hello Scrutinizer,

Thanks for excellent code Smilie. could you please explain it.

R. Singh
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