How to find the length of MP4 file in cygwin?

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Old 11-26-2013
How to find the length of MP4 file in cygwin?


Apologies if I'm posting in wrong section.

How can I find length (duration) of MP4 videos and m4a audio files on cygwin?

I heard about mediainfo, ffmpeg, avconv utilities on Linux platform but not sure if they work (or available) on cygwin.

Please advise,
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Old 11-27-2013
Why not just use the windows Mediainfo CLI exe you can download it from here.

You will need to convert your cygwin path to a windows path, I then used awk to extract the first Duration (usually the video stream) something like this:

CYGPATH="$(readlink -f "$1")"
DOSPATH="$(cygpath -w "$CYGPATH")"
/usr/local/bin/windows/Mediainfo.exe "$DOSPATH" | awk -F: '/Duration/ { print $2; exit}'

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Or for the duration of the audio track in ms you could do:

/usr/local/bin/windows/Mediainfo.exe '--Inform=Audio;"%Duration%"' "$DOSPATH"

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