Diff between two time in hours in last column

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Old 11-23-2013
Originally Posted by jaydeep_sadaria
Dear Akahay..

Sry. I was in hurry. nwak gives error of mktime is undefined function. What can be done? Can you guide me what is wrong in while loop code.

nawk '{s=$1 " "$2;t=$3" "$4;gsub(/\-|:/," ",s);gsub(/\-|:/," ",t); print $0, (mktime(s)-mktime(t))/3600}' ip.txt
2013-11-23 15:51:23 2013-11-23 12:20:06 BRC023 CG nawk: calling undefined function mktime
 input record number 1, file ip.txt
 source line number 1

I am basically gawk user I heard that mktime() is NOT a standard awk feature. It is a gawk feature, I am not sure about nawk .But still you can use bash solution which I have given or try with these /usr/xpg4/bin/awk or /usr/xpg6/bin/awk

following is working I tested with your sample data
while read line; do
    IFS=' '; read -r  s1 s2 s3 s4 _ _ <<< $line
    echo  $line $((  ( $(date --date="$s1 $s2" +%s) - $(date --date="$s3 $s4" +%s) )/3600 ))
done <"file"

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Old 11-23-2013
Diff between two time in hours in last column

Dear Akshay

Thanks. Can u plz guide me for below help.

sh diff.sh
diff.sh: syntax error at line 2: `<' unexpected

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Old 11-23-2013

$ bash scriptname.sh

$ chmod +x  scriptname.sh 
$ ./scriptname.sh

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