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Old 11-11-2013
Help with shell script - not finding files


I have a shell script like the one below but cannot get it working:
#$ -cwd

# directories
# executable
# parameters
# reference data files
# GWAS data files in PLINK BED format

# problem SNP file
# main output file
## phase GWAS genotypes
--input-map $GENMAP_FILE \
--exclude-snp $EXCLUDE_SNP \
--thread $THREAT \
--effective-size $EFFECTIVESIZE \
--output-log $OUTPUT_LOG


I am trying to run a program called SHAPEIT. When I run the shell script, I get the following error:
Segmented HAPlotype Estimation & Imputation Tool
  * Authors : Joe BLOGGS
  * Contact :
  * Webpage : http:://
  * Version : v2.r727
ERROR: [./chr.alignments.snp.strand.exclude] is impossible to open, check file existence or reading permissions

I have the following files in my root directory for chromosome 2 with full permissions:

My shell script is clearly reading the chr2.unphased.fam/bed/bim files, but not my chr2.alignments.snp.strand.exclude. Any ideas why this is? Thanks for any help.

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Old 11-11-2013
CHR=$2 represent the 2nd argument given at the command line.
Are you invoking the command as:
command <arg1> <arg2> ?

It looks like you expect a directory to be called chr2. For your script to work it has to be invoked as:

script_name <arg1> 2

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