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Old 11-01-2013
Script to scrape page for and save data

Hi All
I would like to get cars DB from this web site link removed , and I am trying to right script to go and parse the web page and save the data for each cars into a file, type of cars, mark, model, but when I look to the source page I found out that the first car type is preselected and the car marks also, if I want the models of cars I have the change the selected mark on the dropdown and then the models is populated, I think this function is done by Javascript but I can't find it in the source code. it will be good if you help me out to right script that change car mark, save the information cars type, marks, models into a file.
Doing this manually will be a lot of work.


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Old 11-01-2013
Why do this, and do you have legal right to do so?

What you are asking for, especially because of the way you have worded the request, leads me to think that you do not have permission to essentially capture their database.
Please explain the purpose of this request.
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Old 11-01-2013
Actually I am working on module about cars on Joomla and I would like some real data to store, but the structure of DB it's different I just want the data, I don't know why it can be any permission issue about that.
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Old 11-01-2013
Not consistent with the mission of this help forum

What you are asking is for assistance in 'hacking' a website to extract all possible data from it. This is not in line with the goals of this website - to help people understand unix and develop good programming skills.

If you want a dataset, ask the company for the data.

We cannot be a source for providing programming to extract data in this manner.

If you wish to discuss this decision, kindly post to the section:
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