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Old 10-27-2013
Wrong programming

This may be such a simple problem but I don't know what am I doing wrong.
The program I'm trying to do is

for pdb in $(ls *.pdb)

res=$(grep 'TYPE   2' $pdb | awk ' {print $1} ')
pos=${res/.pdb:REMARK/} > Type_List.txt


sec=$(grep 'STANDARD' $res | awk ' {print $4} ')
ls $sec >> Type_List.txt

This script is to list $pos and $sec creating a new file, both are related to many other files in the same directory (those *.pdb)

Thank you for your help Smilie

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Old 10-27-2013
Few suggestions:
skip ls in for loop.
awk '/TYPE   2/ {print $1}' 
awk ' /STANDARD/ {print $4} '

instead of
grep & awk .

$res will have only one value after exiting the for loop. Not sure , if that's what you want.

I appreciate, if you can post input sample and desired output .
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Old 10-27-2013
In addition to what greet_sed has already said:
for pdb in $(ls *.pdb)

is an inefficient way of implementing:
for pdb in *.pdb

If you don't show us the format of your input files (and provide a sample of one of your input files) and show us the results you are trying to obtain, we can't do much to help you.

What you have given us so far is basically: I want to create a file that is related to some other files. It isn't working. Fix it for me.

I'm afraid that we aren't omniscient enough to discern what output you want. Please help us help you!

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Old 10-27-2013
This statement confuses me:
pos=${res/.pdb:REMARK/} > Type_List.txt

What do you think this is doing in the for loop?
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