Fetching columns from .csv file except last column

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Old 10-22-2013
Fetching columns from .csv file except last column


i have below list of files so i just want the name of the files in one parameter and not the timestamp.
i want only GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_legacy_PL_0_0_ in variable of all files.


thanks in advance!!!

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Old 10-22-2013
I do not understand what you are trying to do. The title of this thread says you want the last column in a comma separated values file; the body of the 1st message in this thread seems to say that you want the 1st (not last) part of the names (not contents) of the .csv files???

Then you say that you want the names of the files in one parameter??? Where does this parameter come from? What is a "variable of all files"?

Are you saying that after reading your list from standard input, you want a shell variable set to the value?:
GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_legacy_PL_0_0_ GIDW_Dly_Sls_legacy_RO_0_0_ GIDW_Dly_Sls_legacy_RO_0_0_ GIDW_Dly_Sls_IT_0_0_ GIDW_Dly_Sls_IT_0_0_ GIDW_Dly_Pmix_PL_0_0_ GIDW_Dly_Pmix_PL_0_0_ GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_legacy_PL_0_0_ GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_PT_0_0_ GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_PT_0_0_

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Old 10-22-2013
yes i want only list of of names in the a .xls file ....i need it for renaming process ....so i will fect the names of files and add current timestamp to all the files using for loop ...
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Old 10-22-2013
 perl -pe 's/_[0-9]{14}.csv\n/ /g' input_file

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Old 10-22-2013
perl -pe 's/_[0-9]{14}.csv\n/ /g' filelist.xls
GIDW_Dly_Pmix_PL_0_0 GIDW_Dly_Pmix_PL_0_0 GIDW_Dly_Sls_IT_0_0 GIDW_Dly_Sls_IT_0_0 GIDW_Dly_Sls_legacy_RO_0_0 GIDW_Dly_Sls_legacy_RO_0_0 GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_legacy_PL_0_0 GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_legacy_PL_0_0 GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_PT_0_0 GIDW_Dy_Tm_Seg_Sls_PT_0_0

but i want the output it in different line ....

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Old 10-22-2013
You're not making any sense?

What .xls file?

Without the timestamps, your filenames are not unique.

Other than changing the timestamp on the files, what do you want to do?

What do you want to happen to GIDW_Dly_Sls_legacy_RO_0_0_20131001172001.csv? Do you just want to rename it changing the timestamp from 20131001172001 to the current time? (Note that if that is what you want, you could easily end up destroying some files using this method because your file names with the timestamps removed are not unique, and you may be able to rename several files in a second if you do this without creating a bunch of unneeded temporary files.)
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Old 10-22-2013
i am using this command
awk -F "_" '{$(NF--)=""; print}' filelist.xls

GIDW Dly Pmix PL 0 0
GIDW Dly Pmix PL 0 0
GIDW Dly Sls IT 0 0
GIDW Dly Sls IT 0 0
GIDW Dly Sls legacy RO 0 0
GIDW Dly Sls legacy RO 0 0
GIDW Dy Tm Seg Sls legacy PL 0 0
GIDW Dy Tm Seg Sls legacy PL 0 0
GIDW Dy Tm Seg Sls PT 0 0
GIDW Dy Tm Seg Sls PT 0 0

but the "_" is missing in the files ....i need it too

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