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Old 10-22-2013
Grouping multiple columns and concatenate

I have a CSV file that goes like this:

Basically my desired output should be:

I have tried using this code:
awk -F',' '{if(a[$1])a[$1]=a[$1]"|"$2","$3; else a[$1]=$2$3;}END{for (i in a)print i "," a[i];}' OFS=, FileInput

but I think this is only usable for a file with 2 columns, also is it possible to not include the headers in concatenating.

Thanks a lot!

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Old 10-22-2013
awk -F',' 'NR==1{print;next} {a[$1] = a[$1]"|"$2; b[$1] = $3} END {for (x in a){print x,substr(a[x],2),b[x]}}' OFS=, FileInput

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Old 10-22-2013
If a given name might have a different email address for some groups, you might want to try:
awk '
BEGIN { FS = OFS = "," }
NR == 1 {print
!(($1,$3) in n) {
        n[$1,$3] = $1
        g[$1,$3] = $2
        e[$1,$3] = $3 
{       g[$1,$3] = g[$1,$3] "|" $2 }
END {   for(i in n)
                print n[i], g[i], e[i]
}' FileInput

As always, if you want to try this on a Solaris/SunOS system, replace awk in this script with /usr/xpg4/bin/awk, /usr/xpg6/bin/awk, or nawk.

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Old 10-22-2013
How about this

$ awk -F, '{_[$3]=(!(_[$3]))? $1 FS $2: _[$3] OFS $2}END{for(i in _)print _[i] FS i}' OFS="|" file

EDIT of _ to Arr : Easy to understand as suggested by Jotne in #5
$ awk -F, '{Arr[$3]=!Arr[$3]? $1 FS $2: Arr[$3] OFS $2}END{for(i in Arr)print Arr[i] FS i}' OFS="|" file


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Old 10-22-2013
Its not a good habit to use _ as an variable. New user would have problem understanding what is going on.
Change it to some like
awk -F, '{arr[$3]=arr[$3]?arr[$3] OFS $2:$1 FS $2} END {for(i in arr) print arr[i] FS i}' OFS=\| file

also removed some not needed parentheses around first test, and change the order of it to test for true.

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Old 10-22-2013
Sorry Jotne you told me before also to replace _ with some name as its difficult for new users to understand code, I am forgetting every time, I just modified #4 as you said.

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Old 10-22-2013
Thanks for the help guys. It's finally done!
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