Inserting new line if two sequential lines begin with the same string

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Old 10-18-2013
Inserting new line if two sequential lines begin with the same string


I have a file like this:

Peter North
Peter North
Peter Borough

I need there to put 'X' (or anything) on a new line between the two lines where 'Peter' begins the line. There will be many matches to this string, but they will always begin with 'Peter'.

Ie, the resulting output should be something like this:


Trying to work this out is proving difficult so if anyone has any suggestions...?
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Old 10-18-2013
Like so? (two consecutive lines start with the same word):
awk '$1==p{print "x"}{p=$1}1' file

or only for "peter" ?
awk '$1==p && p==s{print "x"}{p=$1}1' s=Peter file

Just the first field:
awk '$1==p{print "x"}{print p=$1}1' file

awk '$1==p && p==s{print "x"}{print p=$1}' s=Peter file

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Old 10-18-2013
brilliant. thankyou so much!
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