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Old 10-15-2013
This ' is which symbol? The one that is before 1 key of keyboard or that is near enter key????

Single quote '
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Old 10-16-2013
I have a file a.log which contains :

Another file b.log as:

Another file c.log as ;

Then I have an already existing excel file result.xls with some contents. I want to write a perl script that will open that excel sheet and then write contents of a.log in cell C2,C3,C4 . Then write contents of b.log in cell C7,C8,C9. And contents of c.log in cell C15,C16,C17. That is, Column will be same only row will change .
There can be any number of entries in a.log,b.log and c.log. Here I have taken only 3 entries.

The already written contents of excel sheet should not be affected.

It means i have to write contents of a log file to in a cell of an excel sheet. then column will be same only the row will increase.

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