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Old 10-15-2013
Splitting Single line into multiple line

Hi All,

I am reading a line from a file and writing it to other file.
Whenever I got a particular line then I want that line to be splited into 4 line and written it to new file. e.g My line is

U_ABC  connector3  pin24E  connector4  pin25E  connector5  pin26E  connector6  pin27E  connector7  pin27F  connector8  pin26F  connector9  pin25F  connector10  pin24F  connector11  pin23F  connector0  pin21E  connector12  pin22F  connector1  pin22E  connector13  pin21F  connector2  pin23E

I want above line to be splitted into four line as below.

1.Every line will start from first name U_ABC.
2.First line will have connection0 and its subsequent pin number,connection1 and its subsequent pin number, connection2 and its subsequent pin.
3. Same for other three line in seq.
4. Connection7 and connection13 along with their pin number should be not be included.

I can split it into four line as
awk '{for (i = 1; i <= NF; i += 3) printf "%d %d %d\n", $i, $(i+1), $(i+2)}' file

but dont no how to write it in sequence as above. Do I need to save it in some form of dictionary first?


Moderator's Comments:
Mod Comment You need CODE tags for input and output samples as well as for code samples. Especially when there is more than a single space between fields and when a line will be split into multiple lines when CODE tags are not used.

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Old 10-15-2013
Assuming that you really want to translate "connectorX" from your input to "connectionX" in your output, and that you might want to feed multiple lines into this script, the following seems to do what you want:
awk '
{       mc = 0
        for(i = 2; i < NF; i += 2) {
                c = substr($i, 10) + 0
                if(c != 7 && c != 13) {
                        p[c] = $(i + 1)
                        if(c > mc) mc = c
        lc = 0
        for(i = 0; i <= mc; i++)
                if(i in p) {
                        if(lc++ == 0) o = $1
                        o = o "  connection" i "  " p[i]
                        if(lc == 3) {
                                print o
                                lc = 0
                        delete p[i]
        if(lc) print o
}' file

This could be simplified slightly if you will always only process one line at a time.
If each line to be processed always has connector0 through connector12 (except for connector7) and connector7 and connector13 might also appear, but no others, it could be simplified some more. I will leave those simplifications as an exercise for the reader.

With your sample input, this script produces:
U_ABC  connection0  pin21E  connection1  pin22E  connection2  pin23E
U_ABC  connection3  pin24E  connection4  pin25E  connection5  pin26E
U_ABC  connection6  pin27E  connection8  pin26F  connection9  pin25F
U_ABC  connection10  pin24F  connection11  pin23F  connection12  pin22F

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Old 10-15-2013
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!
That will solve my problem.
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