Manipulating field differences using ksh

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Old 10-08-2013
Manipulating field differences using ksh

I have a list of files that should contain the following
Im trying to find the items of interest that are missing from each file and create a csv.

cat *.txt | while read file
grep 3500[1-6] file | tr '\012' ','

My problem is this possible output

one.txt 35001,35002,35005,35006
two.txt 35002,35003,35004,35005,35006
three.txt 35001,35002, 35003,35004,35005,35006
four.txt 35001,35006

What Im after is
one.txt 35001,35002,,,35005,35006
two.txt ,35002,35003,35004,35005,35006
three.txt 35001,35002, 35003,35004,35005,35006
four.txt 35001,,,,,35006

This way, when I move it into the Microsoft environment the colums will be aligned correctly.
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Old 10-08-2013
try awk solution

$ cat test_file
one.txt 35001,35002,35005,35006
two.txt 35002,35003,35004,35005,35006
three.txt 35001,35002, 35003,35004,35005,35006
four.txt 35001,35006

$  awk -F'[ ,]' '{printf $1 " ";for(i=$2;i<=$NF;i++)printf ($0~i)?(i<$NF)? i OFS:i:OFS;printf RS}' OFS="," test_file

one.txt 35001,35002,,,35005,35006
two.txt 35002,35003,35004,35005,35006
three.txt 35001,35002,35003,35004,35005,35006
four.txt 35001,,,,,35006

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Old 10-08-2013
Compare with field.

awk -F"," '{for(i=$1;i<=$NF;i++) {++j;if ( $j != i) { printf FS ;--j } else { printf (j==NF)?i: i FS}} printf "\n";j=0}'  filename

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