Ebcidic to ASCII (Packed decimals are there)

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Old 10-01-2013
Ebcidic to ASCII (Packed decimals are there)

I have a input file which is EBCIDIC and it has packed decimals.
Can anyone help me to convert EBCIDIC file to ASCII(Need to convert even Packed decimal values also to normal format)
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Old 10-01-2013
I would use SAS!!!!!! Who comes up with these types of problems??
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Old 10-01-2013

A few thoughts:

1) Write a COBOL program to read the records in the native format and write ASCII format.

2) Use perl to convert files, using something like the perl module Convert::IBM390 -- functions for manipulating mainframe data:
Convert::IBM390 supplies various functions that you may find useful when working with IBM System/3[679]0 data. No functions are exported automatically; you must ask for the ones you want. "use ... qw(:all)" exports all functions.

By the way, this module is called "IBM390" because it will deal with data from any mainframe operating system. Nothing about it is specific to z/OS, or z/VM, z/VSE, i5/OS, z/TPF....

When transmitting EBCDIC data to your Perl environment via FTP, be sure to use the "binary" option. This will leave the data unconverted so that the module recognizes it. By default, FTP will translate the data to ASCII; this will convert the character fields correctly but garble other formats, such as packed-decimal and binary.

This function is much like Perl's built-in "unpack". It takes an EBCDIC record (structure) and unpacks it into a list of values. If called in scalar context, it will return only the first unpacked value. The TEMPLATE is patterned after Perl's unpack template but allows fewer options.
-- The CPAN Search Site - search.cpan.org

If you don't want to or cannot write such codes:

3) Google for software or services to help. I think I did a search like that last year, and most of the hits were for proprietary products and services.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl
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Old 10-01-2013
Thanks for the reply.
Can i have the perl script which does the conversion from packed decimal to normal format
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Old 10-01-2013
Originally Posted by Anusha_Reddy
Thanks for the reply.
Can i have the perl script which does the conversion from packed decimal to normal format
You or someone will need to write the perl script that calls the module noted above, just as the COBOL program would need to be written. In the case of perl, you also may need to get the perl module from the cpan web site.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl

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Old 10-01-2013
If you send me, or post the file layout I will give you a quote to write a Cobol program to do this.
EBCDIC to ASCII is not a one for one translation. Do you know if the file contains untranslatable characters, and if so what you want to do about those?
I have done this writing a ksh script using 'cut' to create two files. one with all the display fields and the other with all the packed fields, then used dd to convert the display file, and a script using hd to unpack the packed fields, then put everything back together again.
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Old 10-03-2013
Thanks alot.

My File Layout is:
            SEGMENT-LENGTH        PIC S9(4).
            CLIENT-NUM            PIC 9(04).
            APPLICATION-NUM       PIC X(12).
            APPLICATION-SUFFIX    PIC 9(2).
            CDATE-EVENT           PIC S9(7).
            TIME-EVENT            PIC S9(7).
            EVENT_REDEFINES       PIC S9(7)
            CICS-TRANS-CODE       PIC X(04).
            OPERATOR-ID     PIC X(6).
            CUSTOMER-ID     PIC 9(09).
            ACCOUNT-NUMBER  PIC X(19).
            TRACKING-NUM    PIC X(6).
            TYPE-EVENT      PIC X(3).
            EVENT-DATA     PIC X(450)

EVENT-DATA --> This column contains some set of columns and the columns varies based on the event types ie., based on the value from TYPE-EVENT column.

Incase if TYPE-EVENT=1 then the number of columns in the EVENT-DATA is :
PREV-CNCY-CODE            PIC X(03).
CNCY-CONV-TIME                  PIC  9(07).
FILLER             PIC X(428)

Incase if TYPE-EVENT=2 then the number of columns in the EVENT-DATA is :
FILLER             PIC X(448).

Like this i have TYPE-EVENT from 1 to 900 so please help me with the script

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