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I havent found a thread to introduce, so i combine it with the issue i have.
EDIT /* Removed Problem because solved */

My first contact with Linux was back in 1995 with slackware, beeing a gamer back then, i (sadly) didnt bother to dig deeper.
I finaly joined the Linux community in 2011, when i droped Windows and made the complete switch to linux.
Besides every 2-3 months uptime loging to Windows for a few hours gaming i do all that really matters on Linux.

That said, i was a fan of batch scripts in DOS/Windows, and heck, i LOVE THE SHELL in *nix systems!
If i just understood it better, but as time goes on that is increasingly the case Smilie
I've been a hobby coder all of my (computer-)life, but i never ever attached a course, and the only books i've read on developing were Visual Basic 3,4 and 5....
Any further 'knowledge' on coding languages happend plainly on a need to use basis.

Last edited by sea; 09-28-2013 at 10:50 PM.. Reason: got problem solved
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